Full-day workshop in London, Marbella, Palma and Barcelona:
Increase revenue with your Facebook Business Page

Welcome! We are glad you clicked through. Lets put that go get em attitude into practice! Here is more info about how Niche Education can turn your social media into cold hard cash!

Our no nonsense, straight talking Facebook For Businesses course/workshop cuts through the jargon and delivers useful tips and tricks to get your business page do what it was created for!

Covering the basics to optimise your online presence the course Facebook For Businesses provides useful information about how making money and social media now go hand in hand.

Giving you an understanding of your audience and other factors are just some of the foundations of great social media that we teach. See how your performance increases your reach and more importantly engagement and conversions. And we all love a conversion!

Teaching you to master the simple things to create a professional and appealing online presence is what we do! We also are of the mindset that you should work smart and not hard! We are all very short of time these days, so every second counts!

With Facebook For Businesses you can also learn how to use simple and easy content that can get past Facebook's aggressive filters and algorithms. You will be able to work strategically and take advantage of Facebook's full power both in terms of paid and free marketing.

It is in no way rocket science, but in 2019 you have to know the tricks, otherwise Zuckerberg's algorithms will eat you for breakfast!

After the workshop, you will be able to reach specific audiences with posts that work with well executed engaging and attractive content!

Reach your goals

This is a practical workshop in a small group. It is adapted for people with a limited knowledge of Facebook Business Pages.

This course will help you become confident, knowledgeable and able to maintain your Facebook Business Page with confidence.

We believe a great Facebook Business Page brings credibility to any business, which of course can turn into cash if done correctly!

Our courses are designed to help you achieve your potential through simple and consistent practices. Our aftersales facilities also mean we are here to help guide you through to becoming an absolute social media money making machine! If that’s what you want?

Whether you are selling salsa classes, cheeseburgers, Lamborghinis, holidays or providing a great service, it has to look great!

Remember! You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Just a snippet of what is covered on this course:

  • How to use Facebook to achieve your desired results.
  • How to present your business to your customers.
  • How to view and understand your audience.
  • Facebook algorithms and how to use them for your own benefit to make sure your message reaches out.
  • How to create the best content.
  • Facebook Creative features that can add the wow factor to your content.
  • How to set up both short-and long-term strategies for your business.
  • Using Facebook ads tools.
  • How to manage your community and engagement.
  • And of course most importantly, convert your audience into paying customers!

About the course leader Sean Curley

Seans’ career in advertising, sales, photography and hospitality made social media his natural next step when it came to a career change. Moving to the Costa del Sol from the UK in 2013, he formed and created a unique social media driven online advertising website, which provides additional reach and impressions on selected social media platforms.

Training, and more importantly, helping people understand how social media can help their business is something he is very passionate about. Providing the knowledge to create great social media that turns into conversions is something he has been teaching successfully to his clients for years. Some great examples will be seen on the courses!

Please call Sean on +34 60 367 84 02 (Spain), +44 (0) 20 3290 6539 (UK) or e-mail him at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Quotes from some of our customers

  I attended the seminar about Facebook & Instagram for business in Marbella the 30th of March and I was very satisfied! It was very interesting the whole time and I learned many new things. What I liked the best was that it was so practical with new tools to use and tricks and recommendations to practice in every day life with social media. How to think to actually reach your audience and the best ways of getting reactions. I hope you come back to Spain with more workshops!   - Carin Osvaldsson @ Classic Living Spain
  Just attended an excellent seminar on Facebook and Instagram for businesses in Marbella. How I wish I had met this company years ago - the money I would have saved! All very useful, easy to understand with information that we are already putting into practise and seeing results from. Highly recommended!   - Karen Pedrazzini @ Red Carpet Events Spain
  The combination of hands-on exercises, explanatory briefings, anecdotes and analyses was the perfect combination for me. I was also impressed that one really understood the connections to reality. As an ordinary Facebook user, without prior knowledge of marketing on Facebook, I was surprised how easy it was to understand everything!   - Henrik Ågotnes

Some of our happy customers

About us

Created in Varberg, on the west coast of Sweden, Niche Education is bringing their successful social media training to the rest of Europe. See our Swedish course dates.

Course Dates

If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Sean Curley (Spain: +34 60 367 84 02 · UK: +44 (0) 20 3290 6539 · [email protected]).

Investment: €695 / £640 excl. IVA/VAT
Duration: 08:45-16:00

Nya kursdatum är på gång. Var vänlig återkom senare eller hör av dig till vår utbildningssamordnare Fredrik Sunmo (08-24 62 00 / [email protected]).

  Knowledge that increases revenue is a good investment   - Rickard Eriksson, Co-founder of Niche Education

About Niche Education

The team behind Niche Education are constantly curious about what is popular amongst the world’s social media users, and how to increase revenue from social media activities.

We therefore continuously analyse more than one million companies’ activities on social media.

Use the search feature at the top-right of the page to get the analysis of your business, your competitors or local and regional top charts.

We have trained more than 2,200 businesses how to increase their revenue by using social media.